About Pharmacy Department


Pharmacy is the third largest health profession. Contrary to popular belief, Pharmacy is not limited to counting and dispensing pills. Pharmacy is a rewarding profession in the health care system that involves working closely with doctors and patients. No matter what health field you step into, there is a need for pharmacist. They provide their expertise on the composition, manufacturing and use of a drug, as well as its physiological & chemical interactions.

Pharmacists not only educate consumers on medication use, but also monitor their patient health to ensure that the patient is getting the full benefits of the drug. Pharmacist also advice doctors and other health-care professionals on making wise decisions. In fact, pharmacists are consistently ranked as one of the most trusted professionals for the service they render. Due to the rapid growth of the health-care system, the increasingly ageing population, and the burgeoning  pharmaceutical and biotech  industry, there is an unprecedented demand for pharmacist today.

The pharmacy department a ‘state-of-the-art’ set up. It has grown in stature with each passing year since its inception. It had built up the reputation of well organized working and dedicated faculty. The institute is not only imparting quality education to students but also making them competent, motivated professionals and good citizens. The school of exceptional international standing. It provides a broad platform for cutting-edge research and is committed to maintaining its position of international excellence.

For exploration in research experience, the department has challenging projects. The research activities of the department currently focus on drug design & subsequent synthesis, natural products, chemistry & instrumental analysis of medicinal agents. The department has good facilities for research enable student. Besides periodic, special chemistry conference organized by the department promotion in quality assurance of pharmaceutical products is also one of the activities.

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