SMG Civil Program Out Comes

The outcomes that students are expected to have attained upon graduation with a bachelor of science degree in civil engineering are:

  • the ability to apply knowledge of mathematics, science and engineering
  • the ability to design and conduct experiments
  • the ability to analyze and interpret data
  • the ability to design a system or component to meet desired needs
  • the ability to function on multidisciplinary teams
  • the ability to identify, formulate and solve engineering problems
  • an understanding of professional and ethical responsibilities
  • the ability to communicate effectively through writing and drawing
  • the ability to communicate effectively through oral presentations
  • an understanding of the impact of engineering on society
  • an understanding of the necessity to engage in life-long learning
  • a knowledge of contemporary issues in civil, environmental and architectural engineering
  • the ability to use modern engineering techniques, skills and tools
  • the ability to explain basic concepts in management, business, public policy and leadership