‘Compass’ by Merriam-Webster dictionary is a device that is used to find direction‘, as is the device, more so is ‘Compass’ in St. Mary’s Group of Institutions to provide services to all of the students, parents/guardians in all spheres.

The Student Services Department is a unique, full-fledged department in support of a holistic student experience in order to promote and sustain academic, administrative goals. Compass provides direct services for all students, especially those experiencing barriers to the smooth function of paths towards their achievement of identified/designed goals, Compass can and shall certainly create, if necessary, new paths to achieve the said targets.

Compass is a Department a student or parent/guardian can walk in or simply place a phone-call or even email, or drop in a note in the enquiry/issue boxes to enquire/state any inconvenience what-so-ever she/he might foresee or could be experiencing, bring to the notice of the department of a passed event. The department shall address enquires/issues in a time-frame stipulated at the time of registering the enquiry, complaint or suggestion. All of the departments within the Group of Institutions work in-sync with the Compass Department to provide support to the Student or the Parent/Guardian. Sensitive situations, shall be given utmost security and be addressed anonymously if the student, parent/guardian seeks so. Our students are our utmost important members in the entire system here at St. Mary’s Group of Institutions; we firmly believe in and ardently exercise the ‘Student First’ philosophy.

Compass Department assures accurate, timely, student friendly services to all students and their parents/guardians and seeks their support by requesting immediate reports or supplying their suggestions or sharing their experiences.