Why MCA Course @ SMG

The objectives at St.Mary’s Group give a complete 360 degree advantage to the student’s learning experience. 

            To prepare the Post Graduate students for a prolific career in Software Industry and inculcate an urge for Research by providing  the conducive environment  in teaching and learning process in the core and emerging areas.
Core Competency
            To nurture and implant a strong basement in the learning methodologies which thereby enhances the principles and approaches in computing, networking and communication skills.
            To aim and provide the student a variety of context and a flexible learning environment which makes them learn and develop sound knowledge in Information Technology, Computer Software and Engineering concepts.
            To foster and provide a social environment which moulds the students to become Professionals enriched with communication, technical and innovative skills to render it in social context ethically.
Learning Environment
            To reinforce a competency based learning environment with excellent team work and teaching aids which make the students recognize and accomplish their academic and career goals.