B.Tech – Artificial Intelligence and Data Science program is a 4 year 8 semester course which prepares students with the abilities to perform information investigation which is vital in various applications. Over the past few years, Data Science has emerged as one of the most high-development, dynamic, and rewarding professions in innovation. This course targets not only the core advances such as data mining and data modeling but also contributes to AI and Big data analytics. This course will increase cross-disciplinary aptitudes across fields, such as, measurements, software engineering, AI, and rationale, information researchers and has openings in human services, business, E-Commerce, biotechnology, hereditary qualities, and other significant fields providing ample prospects for employment. An apprentice in AI can gain a compensation of INR 7 to 15 lakhs per annum. An accomplished AI proficient can earn upto INR 15 to 20 lakhs per year depending on the abilities and level of expertise.


Back in the 1950s, the fathers of the planet Minsky and McCarthy, described AI as any task performed by a program or a machine. AI (AI) refers to the simulation of human intelligence in machines that are programmed to think like humans and mimic their actions. In today’s technology-driven world, data is just a bit like the raw diamond, and Data Science is that the mining infrastructure set-up that creates the info useful for transforming the world .


Computing for Data Science, Optimization for Data Science, Deep Learning, IoT systems and the Cloud, Communication Skills, Maths, Introduction of AI, Programming and Logic Building skills, Data Science and Machine Learning, Python Programming, Java Programming, Advance Java Programming, Operating Systems, DBMS, Introduction to Machine learning, Signal Processing, Introduction to Drones, algebra , Data Structures, Computer Architecture ,Algorithms, Robotics, informatics , Deep learning, Introduction to Brain and Neuroscience, Introduction to Industry 4.0, IOT, Computer Networks, Data Visualisation, and other prominent subjects related AI with Advanced AI electives. Pursued by the scholars from 1st semester to 8th semester alongside 2 projects , 1 mini-project in or after 6 semester and 1 final project in 8 Semester.


  1. 133 million new jobs created by AI by 2022-World Economic Forum’s (WEF).
  2. The worldwide AI market size to understand $169,411.8 million in 2025.
  3. The synthetic intelligence in cyber security market is projected to understand USD 38.2 billion by 2026.
  4. Countries around the world like, China and U.K. estimate that 26% and 10% of their GDPs respectively in 2030 are getting to be sourced from AI-related activities and businesses.
  5. NITI Aayog has decided to believe five sectors that are envisioned to profit the foremost from AI in solving societal needs: a) Healthcare, b) Agriculture, c) Education, d) Smart Cities and Infrastructure, and e) Smart Mobility and Transportation.
  6. IBM report, Data Science jobs would likely grow by 30 percent. The estimated figure of job listing is 2,720,000 for Data Science in 2020.
  7. consistent with the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, about 11 million jobs are becoming to be created by 2026.
  8. India is predicted to work out 1.5 lakh new job openings in data science this year, which can be an increase of about 62% from last year.
  9. Report by the US Bureau of Labour Statistics, the increase of knowledge science needs will create roughly 11.5 million job openings by 2026. the world Economic Forum.


  1. Amazon (New Delhi): ₹500,000–700,000/year.
  2. Accenture (Bengaluru): ₹600,000–800,000/year.
  3. Bosch Group (Bengaluru): ₹400,000–2,400,000/year.
  4. Adobe (Greater Noida): ₹1,200,000¬–1,400,000/year.
  5. JPMorgan Chase & Co. (Hyderabad): ₹3,000,000–6,000,000/year.

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