The certificate program in Game Art and Designing includes the related Terminology and Technology. The subjects are Drawing and Composing and introduction to games and classical animations. The students feel like maintaining a portfolio for life drawings, environmental drawings, gesture drawings and still life studies. They use the softwares to generate digital designed images. In the second parameter, they fetch the hang o Storytelling and visualisation. Candidates need to brainstorm and frame a story catering to it. They can make the Storyboard and design the characters, levels, props, backgrounds and other aspects of the game. Additionally, the course has a third section which includes Lighting, Rigging and Animation, Texturing as well as effects for the games. This will also cover the way this sound is infused into the game.

This certificate course will develop the advanced skills in 2D and 3D Asset creation. It will also implement the right skills in the Modeling and Texturing environments. Other parameters covered are the Vehicles, Props, Digital sculpting, Characters, Production pipeline, Game design, Characters, Documentation and the Pre and Post production for games and Level design. Apart from this, there are two more important aspects. These are the Game scripting and the Game Project Management. These deal mandatorily with the programming and planning aspects. These two aspects will help to develop the games in turn.