Skilled game professionals have evolved in the due course of time.

It is really amazing that India is already having the Development centers for two Multinational Game Giants such as Electronic Arts and UBI Soft. These centers are expanding profusely. NASSCOM reports that two new Game companies come up every month in India.

At the same time, there is a mandatory criterion before one pursues this Certificate course. The candidate needs to love the games, but at the same time he/she should have the ability to produce the games.

Using the Industry standard Game Development tools, such as the Unity 3D Game engine and c#, one can start designing their own games. In this course, the candidate will get the exposure to three hands-on Projects and as a result they will be able to leverage a wide range of Game Development techniques which will boost them to create their own basic games. The certificate course will help the individual to become either a Game Artist/Programmer/Designer.

While building a complete game, you will learn intermediate and advanced game development techniques in the Unity game engine. Additionally, this Hands-On-course will favour the candidate to develop a game which can be used for multiple platforms such as Web, Windows, Mac Operating system as well as IOS and Android. In the due course of time, the candidate will get a hang of the Unity Game engine which comprises the intermediate and advanced Game development techniques. Candidates need to be very clear with the codes to build their own games. The candidate will finally be able to develop, refine, prepare and package their own games and these can be used for distribution on a variety of Game platforms.

This certificate course helps to provide a core understanding of the Computer Graphics, Game engines, Programming and Applied Mathematics. The knowledge of the candidate augments commencing from Mobile and Web application development to 3D Modeling and application as well as Human Computer Interaction.