The certificate program in Interior Designing makes the Interior Designers work intimately with Mechanical and Civil Engineers, Architects as well as Construction Labors and Helpers who act as the key Ground people to assist these Interior Designers. In this way, the designers can determine the functioning of the Interior spaces. Additionally, the looks as well as the furnishing of the spaces are also understood from this. These candidates should be able to read Blueprints. They must be aware highly of the Building Codes and Inspection regulations.

These designers have to learn about the Computer Aided Design Software for their Drawings. Apart from this, they also use the Building Information Modeling software to create the three dimensional visualizations. These include the construction elements such as the Walls/Roofs.

They also produce the Plans, Designs and Drawings for the Construction and Installation. These might include Construction and Demolition plans, Building permit plans as well as the Electrical layouts. Designers draft the preliminary design into documents. These could be as simple as sketches. Beyond this, certain documents can also include Schedules and attachments.