Quality Improvement Program @ ST. MARY’S:

Quality is the core of our curriculum. To build a Quality Infotech is our Forte. The Career-oriented courses, Industry centred activities at our college campus accentuates the Quality of students, faculty and institute as a whole. Passionate Students are the driving force behind this organization. Allianz’s prime endeavor is to make every student not just qualified but versatile. A Resource Centre which catalyses all academic proceedings on campus by organizing subject based, exposure-based, career-based and language-based activities. This Center is operated in collaboration with Industry Giants, Corporate Gurus, Knowledge Managers etc.

Talent Nurturing:

In its proactive effort, St.Mary’s has been successful in getting Academia tie-up with 4 M.N.C.s of International Repute to ensure wider learning from originators. St.Mary’s is also identifying education and learning areas with the following globally renowned companies. To successfully, ENSURE, ENABLE, EMERGE and EVOLVE student life to Global Competent Professional these alliances were taken up by St.Mary’s with the same Reason and Resource i.e., Advantage of St.Mary’s Students.

Incredible Support For The Students Of ST.MARY’S From NASSCOM:

Under its Academic Program and as a part of the IT Workforce Development Initiative, NASSCOM is extending its support to St.Mary’s students in “Students Gap Areas” for creating qualitative, knowledgeable workforce and a flair for innovation.

St. Mary’s has diverse role

  • Students A signpost from Education to Job
  • Parents A trusted name foe their wards future
  • Microsoft Knowledge resource partner
  • IBM Academic learning associate
  • Oracle Workforce development initiator
  • Nasscom Industry Institute Interface provider

Allianz Overview:

  • Student Forum
  • Knowledge Exchange Centre
  • Team-building Culture
  • Interactive Cell
  • Student Utility Desk
  • Skill-based Workshops
  • Engliteracy Programs &
  • Personality Development