St. Mary's Group of Institutions offers a vibrant campus life alongside academics, providing diverse extracurricular activities for holistic development.

Value Added Programs Committee

A committee dedicated to fostering responsibility, employability, and professionalism among students through various activities, including technical and social events, placement support, higher education guidance, and entrepreneurship initiatives. This committee also focuses on developing effective marketing strategies and enhancing students' employability through workshops, skill enhancement programs, and certification courses.

Sports Club

This club provides access to excellent sports facilities such as a turf cricket ground, basketball court, shuttle badminton court, and volleyball courts. It promotes students' physical well-being and encourages active participation in sports, fostering teamwork, discipline, and sportsmanship.

Training & Placement Committee

Responsible for shaping students' capabilities and driving organizational success, this committee focuses on strategic planning and effective execution to foster a culture of learning. It guides students' transition to the workforce through resources and opportunities for career advancement, empowering them for professional success.

Student Affairs Committee

Dedicated to overseeing cultural activities and fostering a vibrant campus community, this committee promotes holistic development and student engagement beyond the classroom. It organizes diverse events and initiatives, including cultural festivals and community service projects, to provide opportunities for students to explore interests, showcase talents, and contribute meaningfully to campus life.

Technical Club

This club focuses on activities and seminars related to technology, aiming to enhance students' technical skills and knowledge. Led by passionate students and supported by faculty mentors, it organizes workshops, guest lectures, hackathons, and technical competitions to provide hands-on learning experiences and foster innovation. The Technical Club also facilitates interaction with industry professionals, organizes tech talks, and encourages collaborative projects to prepare students for future challenges.