Introduction to Software Hub

At St. Mary's Software Hub, students gain hands-on experience from their first year of B.Tech, learning directly from professional software engineers and contributing to real-world industrial software projects. This immersive approach enables students to accumulate three years of industry exposure within their four-year program, positioning them as highly desirable graduates in the job market.

Software Hub Roadmap

Campus Industry Exposure

Immersive experiences in software development guided by professional software engineers.

Expert-Led Training

Practical curriculum taught by industry specialists, emphasizing self-discovery through questioning.s.

Internship Pathways

Strategic partnerships secure coveted internship opportunities within the Hub and industry.

Project Playground

Nurturing environment for creativity, project exhibition, and entrepreneurial pursuits.

St Mary's Campus

Become a future ready software engineer

The tech industry, once a beacon of stability and growth, now faces a chilling reality. Mass layoffs grip major companies, casting a shadow of uncertainty over the job market. While economic factors play a role, a more profound shift is at play: the rise of artificial intelligence. Automation threatens to replace certain skill sets, leaving some wondering if their hard-earned degrees will translate into future careers. At St. Mary's Software Hub, we recognize the limitations of traditional success metrics and focus on unlocking each student's potential as a future innovator. Our program is designed to bridge theory with practical application, providing opportunities to tackle real-world software challenges and master cutting-edge technologies. With an industry-aligned curriculum, mentorship from software engineers, and internship pathways, we nurture talent, foster creativity, and instil a passion for innovation, preparing students to excel and make a significant impact in the software development world.

Join us on a transformative journey where dreams become innovative solutions, and every challenge is an opportunity for growth and greatness.

Hyderabad's Innovation Hub: St. Mary's Group of Institutions

At St. Mary's Group of Institutions, we are revolutionising the way software engineering education is delivered, and at the heart of this transformation lies the Software Hub – Hyderabad's premier destination for aspiring software engineers.

Fostering excellence at Software Hub

The Software Hub goes beyond traditional education, offering a unique blend of factors that make it the ideal choice for your software engineering journey:

  • At the Software Hub, you'll be surrounded by brilliant minds, constantly sparking new ideas and pushing the boundaries of software engineering. It's the perfect environment to ignite your own innovative spirit.
  • Our curriculum is designed in collaboration with tech leaders, ensuring you learn the most relevant and in-demand skills. No more theoretical concepts gathering dust in your mind – our Software Hub equips you with practical knowledge that will impress potential employers.
  • From AI labs to virtual reality setups, our facilities are brimming with the latest technology. This hands-on experience allows you to experiment, learn, and master the tools shaping the future of software development.
  • Software engineers act as your mentors at the Software Hub. They provide invaluable guidance, share their experiences, and equip you with the practical know-how to excel in the real world.
  • Our strong partnerships with major tech firms open doors to coveted internship and job opportunities. Gain valuable experience while still a student and get a head start on your dream career.
  • The Software Hub is not just a program, it's a supportive community where you'll find peers, mentors, and faculty cheering you on every step of the way. We believe in fostering not just technical skills, but also the emotional intelligence and soft skills necessary to succeed in the dynamic world of software engineering.
  • The future is about responsible innovation. Our projects focus on developing sustainable tech solutions, preparing you to tackle global challenges with a conscience.
  • Whether you're passionate about AI, cybersecurity, or core software development, the Software Hub allows you to tailor your education to your specific interests and career goals. We empower you to carve your own path to success.

The Software Hub is more than a program; it's a launchpad for your future.

Join us and become part of Hyderabad's most exciting software engineering ecosystem, where innovation meets education, and you are empowered to become a leader in the tech revolution.

What we do at Software Hub

The Software Hub at St. Mary's isn't just about academics; it's a springboard that launches you into the exciting world of software engineering internships. With hands-on learning, real-world case studies, international collaborations, and industry partnerships, your journey at St. Mary's is tailored to prepare you for success in the software engineering field. Here's what sets your journey apart:

Year 1: Foundation and Fundamentals

We offer a variety of short courses designed to equip you with the latest tools and knowledge. Whether you're a beginner or looking to refine your existing skills, we have something for you:

A. Figma for Prototyping (4 weeks):

  • Master the art of prototyping: Learn Figma, a powerful design tool, and create interactive prototypes to bring your product ideas to life.
  • Problem-solving & UX journey: Discover Lean Startup principles and map out user journeys to design user-centric products.
  • UI Design Fundamentals: Get hands-on experience crafting beautiful and intuitive user interfaces.

B. Demystifying HTML Code (4 weeks):

  • Read code like a pro: Learn the basics of HTML and understand how it structures web pages.
  • Unlock the why behind the code: Explore the logic and purpose of HTML syntax and semantics.
  • Tame the coding beast: Overcome the fear of learning a new language and embrace the world of web development.

C. Design with Confidence: Mastering CSS (4 weeks):

  • Elevate your designs: Learn CSS, the language that styles and defines the visual presentation of your website.
  • Design principles in action: Apply design principles to create visually appealing and functional web pages.
  • Express your creativity: Unleash the power of CSS to customize and personalize your designs..

Year 2: Skill Enhancement and Application

Elevate your web development skills in our intensive 2nd Year Career Development Program! This program offers two specialised tracks designed to equip you with the most in-demand skills for building modern web applications.

Track A: Building Dynamic Web Applications

  • Master Data Flow Diagrams: Learn to visually represent data flow within an application, ensuring efficient and scalable development.
  • Empower Your Backend with Node.js: Dive into Node.js, a powerful JavaScript runtime environment, to build robust and scalable server-side applications.
  • NoSQL Powerhouse: MongoDB: Master MongoDB, a popular NoSQL database, for efficient data storage and retrieval, ideal for modern web applications. .

Track B: User-Centric Design with React.js

  • Charting the User Journey: Craft exceptional user experiences by learning UX Journey Design principles. Understand user needs and design intuitive interfaces.
  • React.js - The Future of Web Development: Conquer React.js, a leading JavaScript library for building dynamic and user-friendly web interfaces.