Year/Sem Content Hrs Year/Sem Content Hrs
I Year I Sem - None None I Year II Sem (70 hrs) HTML: Introduction, Structure of the document, HTML elements, Text formatting, lists, forms.  ;

CSS: Introduction, syntax and selectors, box model, text styling, layout, Grid. 

Java Script: Introduction, syntax, variables and data types, functions, arrays and objects, DOM, Events, Conditionals and Loops
CE & SS Module - II Focus on individual. Team Tasks Presentations Fighting Fears and to overcome, ideas to develop team Spirit and cultivate Mutual Respect. Individual and Team Feedback Sessions Self Analysis Workshop. 30
II Year I Sem (80 hrs) React: Introduction, Setting up React Environment, Java Script XML, Components, handling events, Lists and Keys, Component Life Cycle. 

Node.js: Introduction, setting up environment, modules, APIs, Asynchronous Programming, working with databases, RESTful API development. 

Mongo DB: Introduction, installation and setup, JSON and BSON, Document Data Model, CRUD operations, querying and filtering.
80 II Year II Sem (80 hrs) Python: Python Introduction, Lists, tuples, Sets Dictionaries, String, Exceptions, Files, OOPs Multi Thredding, Reguar Expression UI Development, Data Base Connections, numPy, pandas, Django. 

MySQL: Introduction, SQL, Installation and setup, Create Databases and tables, Data Manipulation, querying the data. Domain Specific Tools: Introduction to PowerBI,Tableau
III Year I Sem (80 hrs) Java Programming:
OOPs, Abstract Classes, Interfaces, Exception Handling, Multithreading, Collection Frame Work, Streams, Swings
Advance Java Programming :
JDBC, Servlets, JSP
80 III Year II Sem (110 hrs) Advanced Domain Specific tools and Project: Tableau or Power BI, Domain specific project in Data Science or Machine Learning 40
CRT Tests & Mocks : Resume building, Mock GDs,Mock Technical rounds, Module wise online/off line tests, Company specific online/offline tests, Mock Interviews by Trainers and Industry HR Team 70
IV Year I Sem (80 hrs) General Tool (Sales Force) 80 IV Year II Sem Project