Course Overview

An embedded system is a specialized computer system designed to perform specific functions within a larger mechanical or electronic system. It consists of computer hardware, typically a microcontroller or microprocessor, with software embedded in it. These systems can be standalone or part of a larger system and are crucial in various applications, from industrial machines to consumer electronics.

Job Scope

Embedded systems, the cornerstones of modern technology, continue to expand their influence across various industries.

Embedded systems currently drive innovation in:

  • Telecommunications
  • Defense equipment
  • Railroad networks
  • Consumer electronics
  • Electronic payment systems
  • Smart cards

Their contributions extend to autonomous robots, revolutionizing personal use and demonstrating the immense potential of embedded technologies, their expertise spans:

  • Microcontroller selection and configuration
  • Real-Time Operating Systems (RTOS) deployment
  • Device drivers and middleware creation
  • Application development
  • Debugging and testing

Career Opportunities

  • Embedded Software Engineer (firmware)
  • System Software Engineer (kernal & RTOS)
  • Application Software Engineer (device drivers)
  • Software Test Engineer.
  • Embedded Hardware Engineer.
  • Embedded System Trainer.
  • Marketing & Sales Executive.

Best Salary ranges

  • Based on the career and salary research site PayScale, an embedded system engineer earns between Rs 122,058 – Rs 642,342 as an entry-level hire.
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